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Decatur Spray Foam Insulation Solutions


Green Earth Services' Spray Foam Insulation of Huntsville is a full service, licensed spray foam insulation company located in Atlanta, Georgia with a branch in Huntsville, Alabama, and is actively servicing Decatur, Alabama. We service all of Huntsville, Alabama and it’s surrounding cities including Albertville, Athens, Cullman, Decatur, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Hartselle, Madison and Scottsboro. Foametix of Huntsville is committed to helping Decatur residents and business owners significantly lower their energy power bills by replacing your outdated method of insulating your home or business with a much more efficient method of insulation called Spray Foam Insulation. Our Decatur customers have all noticed reduced energy bills and some have bragged they have cut their bills in half! Green Earth Services' Spray Foam Insulation of Huntsville services Decatur, Alabama and all the surrounding cities of Huntsville ncluding Albertville, Athens, Cullman, Decatur, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Hartselle and Madison.

Spray Foam Insulation of Decatur provides Spray Foam Insulation that can be used for Decatur new construction or retrofitted to your home or business. There is an initial cost, but the spray foam insulation method will quickly save you enough money to recoup the initial cost. As energy bills soar with the cost of energy rising, changing to a more efficient method of heating and cooling your home or business makes a lot of sense. Energy costs are also not likely to go down in Decatur. There is no better time to refit your current home and add equity to the value of your home.

  • As Decatur residents are quickly learning, traditional insulation products do not seal your home like spray foam will and allow for spaces that lead to heat or air conditioning loss. Spray foam insulation has proven many times over to be a better insulation method. Because Green Earth Services' Spray foam is applied directly onto surfaces wet and expands, it forms an insulating barrier that sticks to the structure it has been applied to, adding strength to the structure and creating a seal or barrier. Older methods in Decatur, Alabama leak air out, and let cold air in the winter, hot air in the summer, as well as allergens, pollutants, mold and insets.
  • Older insulation methods using fiberglass insulation or cellulose are inefficient. With time they squash up and lose their thermal efficiency. Green Earth Services' Spray foam is a closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam systems flex with your home's natural settling keeping the thermal efficiency intact for years.
  • Older Decatur, Alabama insulation methods are are also non-cellular fibrous or cellulose and unfortunately contain a harmful toxin known as Formaldehyde . Green Earth Services of Decatur spray foam insulation contain no HCFCs, VOCs or formaldehyde and are free of toxic air contaminates.
  • Because Green Earth Services of Decatur's Spray foam is by nature a tight cell structure, this method of residential or commercial insulation create a strong and  efficient air barrier against heat loss, cool air loss, allergens, pollutants, mold and insect, effectively creating a tight home seal with better indoor air quality.
  • Green Earth Services of Decatur sprays on as a liquid and quickly expands as polyurethane foam forming a continuous insulation seal.
  • Because Green Earth Services of Decatur creates a strong barrier to outside pollutants, rain water is prevented from entering the attic or other normally risky areas, thus reducing the risk of mold or fungal growth that can damage your home and create a health hazard, while also reducing  the R-value of the Decatur home or business.
  • Green Earth Services of Decatur is happy to provide an in home quote for you in the Decatur area. Don’t live another day in a home leaking your costly heating or air conditioning while also providing an entry for mold, mildew, allergens, pollutants and insects. Gain equity in your home while reducing your energy bills, call us today!

Call today to learn more. In Atlanta, call Green Earth Services at 678-407-FOAM (3626), in Decatur, Alabama, call Spray Foam Insualtion of Huntsville at 256-714-7123. Start saving today!