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Agricultural Uses


Green Earth Services of Huntsville Alabama Agricultural Uses of Spray Foam

The use of our spray foam insulation for Commercial applications for Agricultural applications is fast becoming the method of choice. Uses include:

  • Our Spray foam insulation for Agricultural applications is long lasting and strong
  • Uniquely manufactured to assist in preventing beetle, bird and rodent damage
  • We are continually enhancing the performance of our spray foam insulation to create improved life span and better ROI
  • Green Earth Services of Huntsville Spray Foam insulation has a 2 year warranty and you will see a return in less time than that
  • The use of spray foam insulation to seal the structure reduces energy consumption by up to 50%!
  • By employing spray foam insulation you not only save on energy bills, you extend the life of the structure.

Huntsville, Alabama Barnseal® Foam Sealant/Insulation

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Offered are 2.4lb, 2.0lb & 10lb spray foam insulation and specialty coatings made for Equine Barns and Arenas, Exterior & Interior Roofs, popular Metal Shop Buildings, Commercial & many Industrial applications, Storage Tanks, and more.

Green Earth Services Spray Foam Insulation is superior for Agricultural Use

  • Usually Agricultural structures are more difficult to insulate, spray foam insulation is gaining popularity to insulate agricultural structures, especially in the Southeastern states like Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee. It is easy to install and cost effective.
  • Green Earth Services Spray foam insulation for agricultural structures has proven to be 7 times more successful than traditional insulation options like fiberglass batting. Green Earth Services Spray Foam insulation lowers your energy consumption by creating a sealed envelope to reduce air loss and penetration. Green Earth Services Spray Foam insulation is best solution for agricultural structure insulation for Southern States like North Georgia, Central Florida, Alabama, South Carolina or Northern Florida.

Green Earth Services Benefits for Agricultural Applications:


  • Gets into hard to reach places./li>
  • Spray foam reach all areas quickly, less labor costs.
  • Complete sealed envelope, no gaps.
  • Eliminates moisture and condensation.
  • Successful climate control because of sealed envelope.
  • Quicker to install, less labor costs.
  • Keeps out bird, rodent, bugs and beetle damage.

Green Earth Services Spray foam insulation provides the method to insulate existing farm buildings and other buildings instead of having to build a new structure. You now can save an older building, making it a strong, sealed building, helping you save on building costs. No additional framing or vapor barriers like traditional insulation requires is needed, saving money. Since labor and material cost are reduced, it makes sense to switch to the more efficient method of spray foam insulation and your improvement will pay for itself in less than 2 years.

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